Team America. World Police


Get ready for another police force. The Stability Police Force, provided and paid for by, you guessed it, the American taxpayer, is on the work bench. This will be a world police force that will be deployed in hot spots to maintain law and order after the military has done it's job (stunned the populations with shock and awe).

At a cost of $637 million annually and 6000 personnel it is being touted as a good deal. Of course we all know it will sharply increase year to year.

The U.S. will be viewed as the policeman of the world and Americans will end up training security forces controlled by dictators or corrupt regimes. Luckily in most western nations the police are still trusted and respected, but it is slowly dwindling away as economic realities set in. In most countries police are corrupted and feared, for good reason usually in the very countries these forces will be deployed. 

I don't see the logic in making Americans the policemen of the world in countries where they will be feared and hated. The project is at it's planning stages, but since it's from The Rand Corporation, it will probably be put into action.

Here is the link to the pdf file recently released for public viewing.

Uploaded 09/09/2010
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