Ok, so there seems to be a lot of blogs out lately all related to sex.  Honestly, I wish I had had more sex when I was a teenager.  I can still look back to when I was in highschool and I guess my regret is that I dated the same guy for all of highschool along with a few more years after that.  Did I love the guy...of course, I still love him today as he helped to make me the person I am right now!

So, here goes, I'm a little older than a lot of you users on this site.  I have two daughters and I try to be open and honest in their lives.  I personally do not want either one of my children to have a serious boyfriend until their 30.  Have friends, date, go to prom, but no relationships!  Do I think sex is I don't- not for the male or the female!  I think it is all part of life!

The things I push on my children is sports, being part of the team, even when you don't feel up to it.  I let them make their choices on which sports and they are both very athletic, but total individuals.  One is the dancer, the gymnast.  The other is more for basketball and fast pitch!  Their coaches and league coordinators have all approached me on their talents.

It won't be long and my oldest will soon be starting junior high.  We already have boys that call our house on a daily basis.  Boys I know and it is innocent!  My kids also have a multitude of girlfriends that they gab with about absolutely everything.  So, here is my question, I know both the boys and the girls that my children are friends with, some are good kids and others, in my opinion, are not!  Is it right as a parent to tell their children they "shouldn't" be friends or talk to someone they do on a regular basis?

When you're young perception is a lot to deal with and the friends you choose change the experience you have during your years in school.  Though as you get older, you understand that highschool is not life.  I don't want to persuit my children in the wrong direction and I think some of the younger users of this site can further relate.



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