terminology and imperialism

Its interesting how in the colonial period they had a term called "The white mans burden" in which we the capitalist entities and ruling family told everyone that we are bringing civilization to the "tribal" people of the world. the "tribe" in this case being the unruly unjust and unfair nature of uncivilized peoples that need to be tamed or civilized and the real reason behind it was the stealing of natural resources and power in regions which we are not inhabiting. Its interesting how this plays out even today, at this very moment, in iraq and afghanistan, they paint a picture as if these people need our help that we are in fact helping them by invading their countries, for example when they talk about our soldiers their always in "neighborhoods" you know, nice people, shops, schools etc. But when they talk about insurgents they are always in "strongholds" (sound familiar?)((native americans))

like fallujah, in fallujah they had schools neighborhoods shops nice people, but they also resisted our power, so in an incredibly civilized and mature way, we killed evryone in the city. Now when you break down the language you see that its not about helping these people at all but its the same old shit. and by the way fallujah was just an example this happens every day in iraq, afghanistan, and pakistan. The only thing these people are guilty of is protecting their sovereinty.

           Interestingly enough when a nations sovereinty is beneficial to us (we are the ones raping there natuaral resources and we dont want competition, the monroe docterine.)We come out in defence of their god givin right to defend themselves and their people unless its against us. When people resist our imperialism, They just dont get it, they need help understanding, i.e. they need civilization. So it seems that racism and imperialism are being protected by our media because it is essential to our nation capitalism always needs more and more it is not self sufficient so every once in a while, generally once or twice in a generation we take someones country over. Imperialism isnt just restricted to natural resources, conflicting economic policies and any threat to our power is considered worth eliminating. So in the end it seems we are the ones in need of a little civility


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