Thank God for Good Fryday.

Ya know how unenlightened people complain about how, if God existed, then how come he let some shit happen? Well, I suppose there is some dumb wait to that argument. Yes, I used the wrong form of weight on purpose. You figure it out. However, the same could be said about all the good things God could have theoretically created. For example, the beauty of the planet and the universe. Then there is chocolate with sex covered cream. The man was a fucking genius. 

Look, you can't say God doesn't exist because of all the stupidity in the world in one breath and then not recognize the mastery and mystery of the universe as being something beyond some accident. Well, I suppose one could, but that shit doesn't jive with me. 

A case in point is Good Friday. Whatever the history, I'm not suppose to eat meat because I'm a Christian. So what do I do in it's place? I pick up a couple of salmon fillets and Good Fryday them to perfection. With that some mashed sweet potatoes and boiled carrots. I also purchased a premium white wine to complete the circle of the good life. 

I for one, cannot possibly contemplate that behind all that happens and how things fall perfectly into place, that someone or some creative force beyond our understanding is not controlling a perfectly grilled salmon steak and a well balanced chardonnay. 

Some might suggest it's our intelligence and human creativity that marries it all together, but I can assure you man had nothing to do with the development of the salmon or the fact that fruit ferments to such favorable conditions. 

 Smoke a joint before listening to this video. Another reason God must exist. You'll notice God never said, "Don't smoke Mary". And you doubted his existence! For shame!

Uploaded 03/29/2013
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