Thank You Congress

It always makes,
my head start reeling
When I think of Congresss
wheeling and dealing

Theres more profit found,
In war, than it peace
Thats why Congress conflicts,
And therell never be peace

Dwight Eisnhower
spoke his farewell address
He warned of the problems
and this current mess

He told of the military
industrial complex
It seemed a shrude story,
but look at the context:

The government started wars
All over the globe
Vietnam is a name,
Im sure everyone knows

And how about Iraq?
A Vietnam clone

They send out our soldiers,
And body bags come home

Theres profit in death,
much more than those living
Patriotism is sacrifice
but the rich arent giving

The congressman recruit
the young and naïve
to fight for democracy,
or so they believe

But its hard to feel free
when a relatives in a coffin
Its a sad story that many
hear far too often

Manufacturing bullets,
bombs and tanks
They expect us to serve,
and throw up our thanks

Well, thank you congress,
For all that youve done
For killing our soldiers,
In wars that cant be won

Thanks for pillaging,
and Raiding our pensions
Who needs retirement?
Its a dream we cant mention

But for now, Im satisfied,
with unemployment extension
its better to collect
than to raise your dissension

so we feed from a fund,
that the leaders stock full
But the money will end,
nothing in our bowl

The game that they started,
Is beginning to end
but still congress watches
and likes to pretend

Thank you, my Congress,
youve turned into a joke
This is why I am jaded
and no longer vote

Uploaded 01/20/2012
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