thc farmer is a joke and ebaums will always be my true home.

recently i have fallen from ebaums grace.  i found myself on a marijuana growing site that was full of forums on how to grow dank ass weed.  the thing i found crazy was that for a web site based around growing weed they censored people's comments like the nazi's are running the site or something.  the second you even remotly insulted smeone you got banned for life.  then it dawned on me that ebaums is where i belong.  i belong with all you shit talking free thinking ass-holes.  i realized that all the shit talkers on this site are what makes it so fucking great.  i love freedom of speech and i love all of you for not holding a single word back.  so i say keep up the extreme vulgarity my ebaum brothers and sisters.  you are the one who make this site so god damn awesome.  i love all of you cock sucking cum guzzling dildo crammin pricks with all of my heart.  god bless you all.  i will always love this site and i hope the rest of you realize how great of a place this is.

Uploaded 05/17/2010
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