The Beginning - The Next Day

The next day Sandra awoke under his legs, she could smell the unmistakable smell of his asshole on her face. She took a shower and brushed her teeth, then she got dressed. She did any housework that needed to be done before Tony woke up. She wasnt fond of the boot camp style punishments she got when Tony would wake up and find something in the house he didnt like. As she was putting the last load into the washing machine she heard Tonys footsteps upstairs, he was awake and was going to the bathroom as he did every morning.
    Sandra went upstairs and greeted Tony, confident that she had done everything to his standards. He heard her footsteps up the stairs and he called her into the bathroom. He Was already seated on the toilet. Tony tells his pig slut to lick his balls, he doesnt situate himself any differently to make it easier for Sandra. Ashe makes whiney sounds as she usually does before she starts to cry. She whined for a slip second before she received a slap across the face. She begins sucking his balls as a reads a magazine and takes a shit. Tony tells Sandra Youre going to learn to appreciate that smell if its the only thing I accomplish in this life of ours.  Sandra has nothing to say in return she knows if she lets his balls out of her mouth she is in trouble.
    When he finished taking a shit hr made her kneel next to the toilet and look up at him. He looks down at his pitiful whore, spits in her face, and says Ohh Look.. Twins!! as he flushes the toilet.

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