The Chick. Re: Fuzzywuzzy

Fuzzy's little tale brought back a fun memory of mine.  It's a parable that Terrence Hill explains to Henry Fonda in the spaghetti western movie known as "My Name is Nobody"  presented by genius Sergio Leone.  A must watch film for people with a sense of humour and romanticism.

In it  "Nobody", played by Terence Hill tells Jack Beauregard,  played by Henry Fonda a parable. The meaning of the parable is held back until later in the film. 

Nobody presents a chick that has taken refuge at the rear of a bull's stall.  The bull as expected takes a dump right on top of the little chick. The chick complains about the warm sloppy mess. Again, the bull delivers a cow pie that covers the chick up to it's chest. The chick tweets bitterly about the shit that now surrounds him. Eventually, the chick is covered in bullshit right up to it's eyes.

The chick opens it's mouth to condemn the action of the bull, but swallows so much shit he chokes to death.  Later in the movie the meaning of the parable is revealed. It is this,  "If you are up to your eyeballs in bullshit, keep your mouth shut."  It was a great way  to learn an important  lesson as a young child and I totally understood it. 

This movie was about the dying days of the western culture and at the same time the end of the genre of western movies. A classic and lots of fun.

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