The crappy NL West

I am constantly reminded that the Dodgers are doing so well because they are in the low life no talent National League West division. While the division its self is lacking what most of the league has as far as long term ability to win games, the Dodger record still holds up. This is why. Baseball has every team play the same amount of games a year. The schedules may be "softer". Meaning like College football, the strength of the opponent is a factor in the BCS ranking. Whoa, I know thats a whole other can of worms I'm not opening right now. Obama will take care of that right after he fixes my car.....Ahem...So if you look at who the Dodgers have played thus far, and take into account the strength of the teams they have played, they are not "over achieving" because of the division they play in. They are right where they need to be. They will be facing the 1st place Texas Rangers this weekend, the lowly A's, then the Mariners. These teams are all in the American League, which most will say is the far more superior league. I still stand by the stat that has the Dodgers playing 20 series. Some with only 2 games, others with 3 and 4 games. The record is 20 series winning 11 outright. Losing only 4. And now tying 5. The Dodgers are going to be very difficult to beat in a 5 game series, when the playoffs start. So will the Dodgers hold on to the best record in baseball the rest of the season? The odds are against that with all of the variables. However when they get Manny back and if everyone else stays healthy, its going to be close. I also think every one forgets that Joe Torre is running this team. And that my friends is my ace in the hole. As much as I hated the Skankees, even before Torre, I always thought he was one hell of a manager to put up with all the shit that New York has going for it. Just face it; the Dodgers arent going any where. And they're going to be in contention at the end......count on it.

Uploaded 06/12/2009
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