The Culling of Mankind

In our  world, here in relative safety and justice the idea of culling the human race seems like a rather barbaric cruel idea. However, for various reasons, mankind has certainly engaged itself in the culling of people. From tribal warfare to genocides to the now slaughtering of blacks in Libya by rebel forces supported by NATO troops, selective killings have been a time honored tradition for the civilized world. 

We are not used to seeing masses of people slaughtered before our eyes. This has made us soft to the idea of rounding up millions of people and destroying them. We are even made to feel guilty and silenced when it comes to the idea of the holocaust, lynchings and even the detainment of Japanese immigrants during Word War II. 

All civilizations realized success, by either invasion (Rome,Greece,  England,Persia, Germany etc.), corruption (China, Hong Kong, South American nations), slavery ( many European and African nations, America). In many of these cases, success was not just measured in the spoils of war, but was also gauged by body counts. 

Russia and China controlled population and resources by instituting ideas, laws and policies that under guise destroyed over a hundred million lives. Even today some Western elitist would consider these tactics as brilliant. And they are, if points are scored using the body count.

I love medieval stories and movies. The idea of two armies colliding with large swords, spears, arrows and battle axes tearing each other apart truly leaves me awestruck. I try to imagine myself among the horde of blood thirsty savages running towards the great unwashed who long to see my bowels trampled into the dirt.  Quickly I realize, I'd be slaughtered quite handily or run away in absolute fear.

My point here is somewhat disjointed but what I fear is the the human race, with a few exceptions can no longer progress on an evolutionary scale because the soup pot is so vast, it has become diluted to the point that it's betterment is no longer viable.

Today, we keep  people alive who would have died early on due to disease or mental retardation. Millions of people who either cannot or will not support themselves are kept alive through artificial means such as  powerful medications and artificial body parts or by social financial support. This only prolongs their misery and those around them. The social welfare class has only increased by ten fold due to free money. Would it not be better to just let them all either find a way to survive or perish from their weakness? Would this not improve the human stock? 

The intelligentsia of the world tell us we have overpopulated the world, we are filling it with poisonous CO2, we are cruel to animals and eat too much cabbage. Men are beating women, feminists are conspirering. Americans are getting fat and hooked on drugs. Muslims  are crazed terrorist, Christians are delusional and Jews control the word banks. And the most terrifying, Chinese people are buying and driving cars.

It is time to form tribes, arm them with ancient weaponry and take to the streets to cull the world of retards and physically deficient bread gobblers! 

Uploaded 09/14/2011
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