The emo generation.

There's been a lot of mention of the "emo" fad that has been sweeping the planet. Anywhere people have a home, a real family, food, water and everything essential to life, but still think life is shit.


Since that "emo girl" video came out, I've realized this: Emo is the modern generations hippie. They believe they're doing something for society, but what are they doing? They're trying to establish themselves as individuals. To prove that they aren't like the rest of society, that they have a soul, their own beliefs. That could provoke others to seek individuality, but that still does nothing for society, it doesn't improve anything.


If you want to change society, run for president someday, become an activist, volunteer, go out and DO things for society. Don't listen to mediocre screamo music, don't dress in tight pants in the hopes that the world will get your symbolic messages of change. I've yet to meet an "emo" person who tried, or even wanted, to change the world.


I get that some people are very emotional, and I sympathize. I'm an emotional person myself, but I'm not an attention whore wearing my feelings on my sleeves. Emo is a generation of emotional individuals who want people to know that they're emotional.


Lastly, I just want to say a few things about the "poser" emo crowd.


1. Dressing in any way just because of the music you listen to is the worst thing you can do. I listen to metal, but do I try and look "metal"? No. I wear the occasional band shirt because that's what I WANT to wear, whether I look "metal" or not.

2. Why would you want to be emo? There are a lot of people who really are emotional, but I've met a lot of people who dress that way because its' the "cool" thing to do. How lame is that? You're not emo, you're just fake.


Anyway, that's my stand on the whole "emo's/changing society" subject. Let me know what you think.

Uploaded 05/26/2008
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