The Final Solution

I've been in conference with the powers that be.  As most of you know there was a rash of flagging in the blog section today. Fortunately, the original blogs that got deleted were not very good anyways. This in no way diminishes the seriousness of the situation. Being  myself a victim of this horrible crime in the past and again today, I now save my work to a document. So fear not, my great writing will never be denied to my disciples.

After much debate, it was decided that a suitable punishment would be the removal of eBoners. For every transgression a penalty of 10% of your eBoners would be depleted from your accounts. Being the originator of this clever plan, the administration, in their wisdom will award them to me. 
Since I do not cash them in, the bean counters at eBaums are thrilled and the mods score office ePraises. For each one billion ePraises they get a pat on the back, for two billion a small Mc Donald's coffee. 

As a butt hurt, cry baby once decreed, "thank the flaggot who made 2 of my blogs disappear. Until they aren't back, no one gets to blog. That's the fair way. Sincerely, Neko."

Even in her declarations of justice, this poor disheveled soul is incapable of distinguishing between "are" and "aren't ". Or perhaps she got it right and we are the hidden benefactors of her generosity? Something tells me the former is true.
Uploaded 09/28/2011
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