The Lottery Mentality

The lottery mentality has people voting against what would be best for them.  They just KNOW that they're going to be the big winner in the game of life and they want to be sure they don't have to pay taxes when THEY become a gazillionaire.  The truth is that unless you inherit it, you're not ever likely going to be one of the big players.  Most people will get screwed out of their pensions and benefits like so many others have and they'll be hurting badly when they get to the end of their life and have no Medicare or Social Security to keep them alive.

The late George Carlin gave us some wise words if we care to heed them.

I'll bet George Carlin would be having a field day with this current batch of politicians were he alive today.

Unless people snap out of their trance, face the facts, realize they're not part of "the club" and start voting accordingly, it's not likely that things are going to get better.  My advice would be to turn off your TV for a couple years and see how things look to you then.  Without being bombarded by endless commercials that tell you to buy things you don't need, slanted news casts to tell you how scared you should be of everyone and everything, and story lines that tell you that you should be cheating on your spouse, things look a lot different.

Uploaded 06/09/2011
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