The love story of baddozer and cloudseatplanes

volcomelement34 no 3:12pmcloudseatplanes yes 3:13pmvolcomelement34 Damn foiled again! Is it true? what baddozer said? 3:14pmcloudseatplanes what'd he say? 3:14pmvolcomelement34 He said you met him in ohio and the rest 3:14pmcloudseatplanes and how i gave him the best dome ever? yeah. 3:14pmvolcomelement34 theres more 3:15pm He said you guys did some pretty crazy things 3:16pm He said you shit on his chest? 3:16pmcloudseatplanes not gonna lie he speaks the truth 3:17pmvolcomelement34 and that he took a shit and slingshotted the turd into your pussy? 3:17pmcloudseatplanes all true 3:18pmvolcomelement34 even that he peeled the crust off of your vag with a screwdriver? 3:18pmcloudseatplanes My vagina doesn't produce crust that ones wrong 3:19pmvolcomelement34 He said you let a gang of black people fuck you in the ass while using dog piss as loob? 3:20pmcloudseatplanes ok now he's getting a little too crazy 3:20pmvolcomelement34 Have you ever done a black guy? 3:22pmcloudseatplanes no 3:22pmvolcomelement34 oh, ok cause baddozer said 3:23pm that you let a large group of them teabag you while one of them pissed in your vagina and the other one cummed in your asshole. Then that you let them piss in your ear while you said the national anthem. 3:23pmcloudseatplanes nah 3:24pmvolcomelement34 when did you pop your cherry? 3:24pmcloudseatplanes 3 3:24pmvolcomelement34 really how? 3:24pmcloudseatplanes i feltl ike it 3:25pmvolcomelement34 WHO DID IT? 3:25pmcloudseatplanes my boyfriend 3:27pmvolcomelement34 Wow was he 5? 3:27pmcloudseatplanes yea 3:28pmvolcomelement34 Im gonna post this whole conversation in the blog now

Uploaded 06/17/2009
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