The Other One

So last night I took a trip over to "the other" site. This one was brimming with spam blogs, the inbox was acting funny (zing!) and my profile page was a bit screwy, so I figured I'd dip over there and see what was what.


Same stuff as before, but apparently they are going to have a blog section up and running in a few days. (Or so they say, anyway.) I pissed about on that mass of confusion called the Community Forum, and was delighted to see all of our old pals on there posting stuff and writing comments. It was delightful to see the old group, and as sad as this is, made me wish everyone was still on here.


The posts over there get at minimum 100 views each...why write unless you wish to reach the most amount of people, right? (Sorry--"Eh?" guys happy I'm living up to the stereotype now?!?) It was always nice to see that the words one takes to put down are at least being viewed. I can't think of the last time a blog has cracked the 100 views mark here. (At least not legitimately.)


I think that once their blog section is finally finished, I may be another one of the countless jumpers from this site to that one. Now, its not that I don't enjoy this one. I absolutely love coming to every night to see what is new in the blog sections. The problem is, lately its been nothing. The other night a solid 12 hours had passed before someone had posted a new blog to read...and that was some spam shit about fucking someone's father. Quite a disappointment. At least over there you are reaching the masses. It might not always be an intelligent interaction, but at least its there.


There are a number of you still here who I am glad stuck around like I did. (A few who even came back due to the confusing ins-and-outs of the temporary 'blog' section.) I encourage each and every one of you to do one of two things:

(1) Write blogs!! That means original work....none of this spamming bullshit! Don't write a three liner about how your poop looks like Moe Howard or why you think you achieve a better orgasm while thinking of a young Mary Tyler Moore. (...gulity!) Write about shit that pisses you off, shit that makes you smile, things that are in the news, what interests you, et cetera et cetera. 



(2) Make the move to a place where the people who spend actual time writing a blog can have it appreciated by people who share the same love of writing.


The only alligences I have are to the writers. I don't care who owns what and who bought out who. I stuck around here because the interface was familiar to me and I honestly thought things would change for the better....if not at least stay the same. Now I see that the quality of the section has depreciated. I'll give it a bit longer and see what the final product is "over there". Maybe some fresh blood will stumble into here one day and write something fantastic. Maybe all the garbage posts will stop being put on here. Maybe the fucking administrator will use his power of authority and enforce the blog rules to prevent more of this shit. Or, maybe its all just wishful thinking.


I am quite interested in getting a bit of feedback on this. If you're going to write the same old bullshit "If you like it so much piss off to the other site!" please spare me the time. I know how it is. But, you've all got to admit that this blog section is in dire need of a drastic change. Are any of you happy with the current condition of this place? Some really great blogs have been written here in the past few weeks, I'll be the first to point that out. But, there has been more piss-poor posts than there has been decent reads. (Remember when Angie111 was our biggest problem 'round here??) So please do leave me your insight into the current state of our blog section. What have you noticed? What has been pissing you off? What do you like? Are you just waiting out the changes to be impimented over on the .tv site? Or, does it not need any improvement at all and I'm completely up my arse about it?


I guess the true value of something is never full understood until it is gone.


Thanks for reading,

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 02/17/2009
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