The Pain Killer Conspiracy

This just occurred to me today, but it is based on years of research, experience and case study. So I'm pretty confident there may be some truth to it.

Basically, my hypothesis  is this: Modern pain killers, sedatives and muscle relaxants are designed in such a way that after you use them  to successfully treat a problem , the chemistry of the brain causes the associated problem to reoccur at some point latter in time.  

The brain, behaves in a selfish manner. It has become an addict to the substance and recognizes that when the body suffers a certain pain or anxiety, it recreates that pain, muscle spasm or anxiety so that the body then reintroduces the substance.

In the past, many pain killers were ingested until the problem went away or the injury was remedied. Most, with the exception of opiates, were not very addictive. The modern recurring back injury, migraine headaches and anxiety attacks could be the result of more powerful modern medicines, which oddly seem to be predominately opium based.
Considering how this possibility could be a cash cow for the  pharmaceutical industry it is not far fetched. In today's world of a pill for everything under the sun and peoples thirst for the instant cure, it would prove to be a market quite ripe for abuse and questionable ethics.

Uploaded 05/20/2012
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