the reason i hate wallboy and intimidate

just read all their comments and blogs.


they just beg to be hated and reviled.


i have no respect for them as a humans or as a living organisms.


even though i dont agree with many things that rollo, bo, or ihavenolife say they are at least intelligent enough to be able to hold a coherent and on topic discussion without resorting back to being a bumbling retard that has lost his helmet and drool bib.


at no time during your rambling and incoherent comments am i even close to being swayed to think of you as anthing more than a mindless zombie intent on just following the leader without so much as a question why.


i find blind following to be a character flaw; a trait that makes you not worth of voicing your opinion. an opinion which is so obviously swayed by party rhetoric that it no longer make it an opinion, but a fact to you in your made up fantasy land that is in your head.


so go ahead and continue to idolize your parties leaders.


your lack of individual thought makes me sad.

Uploaded 09/10/2009
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