The Theddeuspresley's Challange

If you go to the blog home page and think of this blog as my head, you would see below (like right about where my dick would be) a blog by famed ebaum junkie, thaddeusepresley. In his blog he boasts that he will take on all comers in a battle of internet dis-wits. (I bet he LOVES those comers)

As a wiser man than I once said, "Internet arguments are like the Special Olympics; even if you win you're still retarded."

Because I am as retarded as the next eBaum's user, I thought I'd take the bait and respond. I didn't want to sound uninformed so I took a look at thadd's profile and saw that he has viewed 11,713 media. I averaged 45 seconds for each view which gave me a total of over 97 hours. Assuming he gets 8 hours of sleep per day and that his waking time is 16 hours, that equals over !!!9 days!!! of watching shit on eBaum's.

Next I noticed that he has 3089 submissions. Because his uploads are generally good, I figured he poured through at least 30 minutes of crap before finding the gems, converting them, and submitting. That's a total of 1544.5 hours looking for "faceplants, fails, and epic's." BTW, 1544.5 hours is over !!!96 days!!!

Thaddues P. has been a registered user for exactly a year and a half but has only been submitting material for 59 weeks or 413 days.

According to my math that is a total of !!!105!!! waking days dedicated to eBaum's World out of the last 413 or 25% of his life!!! (Ok... he probably viewed some of the 11,713 media before the 413 days I used in my initial calculation so it's a little less that a quarter of his life but still..)

Thadd... I can work a couple days and buy the prizes you've claimed with your eReps. I was going to bash you but when I ran the facts on your meaningless life I didn't have the heart. Math has proven how pathetic you are. 

Wow... I just spent 2 hours researching you, compiling data, watching your media, and writing this blog. Wanna go have a beer?

Uploaded 01/31/2010
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