The thing with family..........

I dont care who you are, family will screw things up for you. I am a McCain supporter and when I heard about Obama's aunt I am thinking why would he not fix this? He damn well should because it is family and shame on the guys who dug this up. Leave the woman alone until the election is over and then bring it out. All the information we have been looking for and you bring us this? We want to know about his relationships with his radical friends and there are many to look at and you bring us this!!!!!!!!!! Once again SMOKE and a way to hide the other information, for me this election comes down to who can protect this country when another war breaks out and the amount of time this guy spent in that damn church.


I read this crap all the time and people still dont get it, the same people who excuses this church thing are people who dont believe in God and Mr. Obama is counting on that. I have really never believed Obama to be a Muslim once I started looking into it because what he has done for 20 years is far worse than being a Muslim and that is being a member of Wrights church and if you think he doesnt want you to forget this then why did he leave that church? If you have spent your life in a certain religion, then we can argue about this subject but ALL of you non-believers have no ideal what we are talking about. What you learn in church DOES MATTER and dont fool yourself into thinking it doesnt. There I said it and I feel better LISTEN with your head and not to a used car sales man. Look up on the Internet about Bill Clinton and Obama talking right after the 750 illion bale out. When Obama says "you tell me what to do an I will sell it" and yes this is true.


Thanks for reading yet one more political blog Bohank

Uploaded 11/01/2008
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