the two most important words used yesterday

i watched practically the whole inaugeration shin dig yesterday. i took the day off to be with my daughter while she had her tonsils and adnoids removed and the event was on the tv at the doctors office. she, btw, is fine if anyone cares. seeing your angel goofy on drugs one moment and bleeding from the mouth and nose after surgery the next is quite a stressful thing. i caged it (cuz i'm daddy and daddy dosent show fear) but i felt alot more negative emotion than what i thought i would feel. anyways, as i watched the inaugeral speech i realized how powerful a speaker our new president was. yes they were just words and yes politicians are supposed to be good at giving speeches, but this one felt diffrent. his words had a weight, like he actually MEANT them and wasnt just reciting something. the two words that stood out and felt most important to to me were the words HUMILITY and RESTRAINT. why? for the last 8 years we have dealt with an administration that has gone on the assumption that we, because of our military might, have carte blanche to do whatever we so choose on the world stage. creating large amounts of animosity and hate with even our friends. i know the protest to this will be that we were attacked on sptember 11, 2001 and that stopping terrorism is our main goal and that if we step on some toes along the way to that then it is forgiveable and should be accepted. that would be a solid and credible argument if it wasnt gone about the wrong way. america has gone about this like a bull in a china store, smashing and snarling and spitting on everyone and everything. showing restraint is the greatest show of might our country could have done at that time. as you look at what a lack of restraint has done to our great nation (spreading our troops thin, housing market in a shambles, economy in a recession, unemployment at an all time high) couldnt we do with some restraint? this country has never been big on humility, and that isnt a bad thing sometimes. when you're the best you have the right to declare it so, but when you rank below 3rd world countries in educational systems screaming "we're #1!" at the top of you're lungs seems, well, stupid. declairing yourself the best while a good majority of the world hates you for your bull-headed and inflexable foreign policies is completly ego centric and inflamitory. humility, a willingness to talk peacefully and in a civil way with one another is the first option not the last as has been the last 8 years. our citizen need to show humility as well. we have a hard road ahead of us and everyone has to sacrifice for the betterment of the country. i am neither democrat nor republican and i didnt vote because, to tell you the truth, i didnt much like either candidate. politicians are all overblown car salesmen, selling you on the great new features and promising the world. i'm waiting to see if this car salesman can give us even a quarter of what he says he will. if he can, then we will have all won this last election.

Uploaded 01/21/2009
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