i think it's time for a worse swear than "cunt". It used to be that was the absolute top of the swearing hierarchy. You could stop any discussion just by flashing the joker of all swear words. I mean... wow. Cunt. thats the double ninja judo chop to end all argument (or start divorce proceedings). it's got two hard consonants. Not only that, but they are at the beginning and at the end. Come in with a crash, go out with a bang. And the 'u' gives it that really short syllable sound. guaranteed to leave any woman either speechless or reaching for a kitchen knife. See, the word "fuck" is similar, but it's just too undecided. First off, it begins with sort of a foo foo sounding letter... fffff, I mean what kind of faggotry is that? Then as far as the meaning, well it's just not focused enough... could be a noun, could be a verb... you can combine it with other words, there's just no direction. Make up your mind, are you an insult or an action word? fuck off, fuck me, fuck nugget, it lacks the deprecating precision needed. Now... "cunt", there's a word that knows exactly what it's trying to say. It doesn't need a context. it doesnt needlessly search for approval by being a multi use swear word, it just is... But now everyone's on the cunt bandwagon, and it's just not the same anymore. There isn't that thrill of "ooohhh, no he didnt...". It's just a mundane everyday insult now. whereas it used to be reserved for only the vilest of women in the most angry of situations (or as nasty pillow talk). We need something that can be applied to anyone, an equal opportunity word like fuck or cunt but worse. Cuck? Nah, that's too much like cock. What about Funt? No, that just sounds like fairy football or some kind of gay sex position. So, anyway, if someone's got any ideas...lets see what we can come up with. For now, let's slow down on the usage of cunt... like antibiotics. lest it lose what little luster it has left 

Uploaded 12/19/2009
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