The whole list.My dreams and hope 4 life..

Ok as you read this description I must point out I am going to place a disclaimer so if anyone has a problem with grammar They should not red my blogs. Easy peesy. Oh if you have read my blog more than once and care enough about my grammar to whine or bitch , Your religion is fake and i hope you get Ok anyone who read this far here come my hopes and dreams...

i someday wish to have a child. Soon after that i want him abducted and killed so i can have a show on  fox on sundays.

I want peace on earth ,but only for an hour then i want war and cool video clips for all to see.

I want obama to be the first respected black president. after his death..natural causes obviously...And bush should get another term. Fuck the rules bush makes me laugh.

I want to live to the ripe old age of 40. anything over that who doesnt have a wife and child should be neutered. unless they are gay.Vagina!

All lesbians will wear hats that say "i munch carpet"

I will wear a hat that says i munch carpet.

I will one day piss on chris angels coffin, while he is alive. inside.That could be funny..Oh nooo what is this liquid ??is it piss?? ewww.

Omg I will force all of my enemys to get into the trunk of my car so they suffocate to death,I sure am gratefull my enemys are in first grade.


I have noticed all the bad ass blog attackers have been basicaly neutered and are now seeking aproval. if i wanted a mod to like my blogs I would ask them for their input. But i do not care.creeping jennie if you read this, why do you read my blogs? also why comment i can assume by now you dont like what i write. Do i have to look in my comments to read some stupid message of dissaproval? I dont care if you  or anyone likes my blogs, but if there is a disclaimer .Read it and leave. Ok here i will write something along what you write and i may get some of those fans you have.

my sister in law was a vegan until i cutt off her head now she doesnt eat vegan anymore.Omg i loves cats ,And look i have a friend/relative writing something here now.Whats that!? its boring too?? Omg!!!! jk i dont read your stuff. i did once and decided you were not a funny auther to me. End of story. ya see how i went on with my life.I could comment now. Do i ? rarely because i dont care enough.

Matt i mean F_ckYou

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