The Whole World Laughs At You, America

It's hilarious to read comments from retards who keep defending the idea that the moon landing wasn't fabricated. Even with the astonishing amount of evidence, there's still people who would fight to death defending the illogical idea of Americans actually sending a man to the moon.

One of the arguments that some people use is that the Mythbusters proved it wasn't fabricated. But did they? I found the episode of Mythbusters on Youtube and... it actually proved the opposite.

First off, they have said at the beginning of the episode that they are only covering A FEW OF MANY evidence, the ones that they claim are the most popular. The other thing is they don't actually disprove any of the evidence and they still claim it was proved to be real. Here are the examples from Mythbusters.

#1 - the shadows don't match and there was obviously another light source. Even though the crew set some hills and shit and made the shadows look similar to the moon photo with only one light source (if they didn't cheat, which we don't know), there's something else proved here. They made the photo look almost exactly like the moon one, proving that it could have been easily fabricated this way. Point for the conspiracy theorists.

#2 - why is the astronaut fully lit and bright on the photo where he's standing in the shadow? The Mythbusters had set up a miniature of the module and put a model of an astronaut in the shadow to take a picture. They showed the two photos next to each other and said the myth's busted. But hold up right there, the astronaut model is white and not completely covered in blackness, but it looks nothing like the fully lit astronaut. Plus, why is the fabricated moon photo first shown with normal contrast and during the comparison the contrast is so lowered, that the astronaut is gray? Mythbusters didn't bust anything here but themselves as scammers. 2:0 for the people who use their brains.

At some point of the show, the crew asks about the cost of a pair of shitty gloves that's apparently a model of a space suit arms. The NASA expert said it's approximately half a million dollars. Seriously? How about it's worth a few thousands of bucks and NASA got half a million dollars from the government? That would be more appropriate. You can clearly see the awkwardness painted on the NASA man's face when he tells the viewers how much was spent on that bull shit.

#3 - the boot stomp was too well defined and impossible to leave on a dusty, not moisturised surface. The crew went to NASA (!) and they recreated that shit in normal gravity on a special moon dust with different structure than regular sand, so that it sticks together, which was PROVIDED BY NASA! Are you kidding me? You're trying to prove whether somebody fabricated the print or not, so you ask them to prepare ingredients for the test, buying any shit they tell you about it? Another thing is, the print made by the crew looks nothing like the moon landing print when it comes for texture. Might be the reason why they didn't show both of the photos next to each other for comparison in this example. That's great, Mythbusters, 3:0 for non idiots.

#4 - they recreated the moon walk with slow motion and a line that would change the gravity. They look very close but the argument against it being like the moon footage is that the amateur suit is jumpy. Seriously? So I guess they didn't produce a stiffer suit for the astronauts? Where is the busting of that myth? 4:0

#5 - the flag experiment is plain ridiculous. Instead of proving if the flag could wave by itself for a long time, the crew tried to prove it could be waving for a few moments after the astronaut placed it in the surface. The experiment proved that it would wave for a few seconds in vacuum instead of stopping instantly in normal atmosphere. That's groovy, but why was the flag waving long after the astronaut placed it on the moon? Are you kidding me, Mythbusters? Do you need to be stoned to watch your show and accept your results? I don't buy your bull shit. 5:0

As you watch the Mythbusters crew talk, you can clearly see how embarrassed they are. The script has been written for them and all that shit prepared, probably by NASA itself. I'm amazed why didn't they try to disprove the SCIENTIFIC proof of the fabrication, they are scientists after all, right? For example, how did the astronauts survive the Van Halen Belt's radiation? They could've put one of those idiots into a microwave to emulate the effect.

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