Then and Now. For the fuck of it

I logged in today out of boredom. I don't log in often enough. You old vets still around?

The main reason i post this blog is to state something I noticed about life. Kind of shocking to be honest. I noticed it when i logged into my profile almost immediately. What lead me to my conclusion was trying to change my profile media. It's crap, and old as hell. Figured i would post something else I uploaded.

Aside from that one video and the occasional stupid joke, everything I have is blogs. All of it.
I sat on my ass for about an hour and a half and just studied the hell out of all of them and observed all the comments I posted and everyone's responses.

I was a little prick poser, huh? I was the exact thing I hate to see people be in life. I lied for credibility. I made stuff up to sound cool. I even posted a blog in german to sound intelligent. I don't even know german. Life really has a way of changing a person. I tried to act like something i'm not.

Long story short, when did I become so called "Grown Up"? Can i even judge myself as an adult? Does the world judge me as an adult? It all seemed to happen so fast, and I never did anything when I was younger. I can honestly say I've never been high. I've never been drunk either. I was a B,C Student in high school.

Where the hell did my life go?
Uploaded 01/04/2012
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