There are so many hate crimes!

Israeli police say A gunman entered a night club for gay teens and opened fire on saturday night, They say it was most likely not a terror attack but a criminal attack. Police have not yet found the gunman, he fled at the seen. Police say it was without a doubt the biggest attack on the Israeli gay community. Many people were badly injured and three died. This bothers me it dosn't at all matter to me that they were gays, but it bothered me most that somebody would honestly walk into a night club and open fire on a large group of minors. Disreguard the fact that they are gay, but think of it as a bunch of regular teens on their night out being shot at, they were all just going out to have fun and enjoy there teen years but instead they got shot that had to have been the last thing going through there heads before they set foot in there. Im starting to notice so many hate crimes and Im beggining to realize what it will be like in ten years, I highly doubt it will stay the same most likely it will get better or worse. In fact late thursday six christians were killed in a riot in pakistan, when members of a banned extremist muslim organization began torching christian homes in a village in the city of Gojra. Things like this make me sick, I never knew violence could get this bad those people who did this had no idea how much pain they were inflicting. This is bad but things could get much worse. If things do get worse than there could be a third world war or a second holocaust, The world is on a scale right now between good and bad, and everytime something like this happens it tips closer to bad. Think about how many evil things are happening right at this moment and compare it to how many good things are happening, Its not very close is it?

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