They are so big and bad..........

I have noticed all the little boys who can go and get someones reputation and try to smear them. We are all so stupid we cant possibly figure it out. I can see them all huddled up in their parents basement with there Mt. Dew or red bull talking about all the things they can do, but the sad thing is these little boys cant even make friends. There are several reasons this is, like the fact they have never even talked to a girl let alone kiss one. I knew guys like this when I was in school they never came outside without mommy and when they did they normally got their butts kicked. But now that has been 10 years ago and now they are just sad little boys in mommy's basement who will not come outside because the world is just too mean for them.


Have your fun sonny boys because I take solice in the fact that it might not be me or even anyone on this site who does it but you WILL get a butt kicking because, well, it's just plain fun to do it.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/21/2008
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