things that piss me off 1.

Since i stopped my rules blog i decided to create a new one called things that piss me off.

The first thing on my list has to deal with the aftermath of the tsunami in japan.

I am not pissed at the efforts of the rescue workers, or the people funding their operations.  no the first thing that pisses me off are the fake charity groups.

What do I mean by fake charity groups?  i mean the people that use an event like this as a way to line their own pockets.  This happened in 2004 after the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia.  It also happened in the united states after hurricane katrina. 

Any of these people that use any disaster what so ever as a way to make profit is just simply put a fucking piece of shit.

the second thing that pisses me off are the groups that talk about how it was gods wrath, or that the japanese deserved what happened to them. 

Are you fucking kidding me?  this is a country that has been broken time and time again and worked to build themselves up.  They were basically conquered in the late 1800's to open up trade routes with the united states.  it wasn't until world war 2 that they were able to break away from dependence of other nations. 

After world war 2 they were an occupied nation, but they strived and once again made themselves a world power through the domination of the electronics industry. 

How dare anyone say these people deserved to be swept away by a wave.  it was an act of nature, nothing more.

Finally my last issue is all the fucking trolls on the internet that are making jokes about this.  Can't you have some respect for their plight?
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