Tiger Woods Apology

Well, was watching Tiger Woods apologizing on television - christ, that was awkward.  We all know that he is just doing it so he can get his sponsors back. (since his wife will easily take him for about half a billion - he needs more money so he can keep on buying hookers)

If you gave me, overnight, a billion dollars and fame, I'd look like fucking Caligula compared to Tiger Woods.  But seriously, why do people give a shit about this.  The economy is crap, about 40 million people in the states depend on food stamps / over 10% REAL unemployment and he is on tv saying he is sorry (and I do realize that making a blog about this is kind of making my argument about his importance to the world mute, but I am bored)

Tigers worst mistake was getting married, if he wanted to get married he should have made sure the wifey KNEW that he was going to fuck around (lots of couples do this.) 


One cool thing though, is he didn't care who he fucked.  He even banged the waitress at IHOP.  What can you say, you can get your pancakes at 1 a.m and a bit of pussy to (I am very envious)


Once the divorce is finalized, here is something Tiger should do:


Keep a stable of about a dozen, maybe two dozen, really hot prostitutes. Pay them to keep them around all the time.  Every few days, make them all strip naked and stand side by side in a line. Make them all bend over and touch their toes, tell them that one was going to fucked and that person would get a BIG fat bonus, like ten grand or something so they'd really want it. Then he should walk up and down the line for a while, making them all nervous with anticipation, grab one and fuck her right there and let the others listen to it and be jealous. Goddamn, I want that life.


(and yes, I think of retarded shit like this when I am bored watching tv)

Uploaded 02/19/2010
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