I just wanted to say I was sorry. I didn't know you were going to take what I said so seriously.

In reality, I think you're pretty cool, and I just wanted to see if you could match me in put-downs, and it looks like you can.

I wasn't really making assumptions about you, I was just using what I could find as fuel for a friendly flame war. I think I had really good points when we were flaming back and forth, but I guess you didn't think so. That's cool. Each person had their own unique sense of humor.

Putting you down doesn't make me feel better. I really am happy in my life, I have a house now and a great, steady job, etc. I mean, I get a little depressed like anyone else, but nothing like what you described.

I don't really think you're a whore. And you're right, being with 2 guys in 4 years isn't slutty at all. You must be pretty faithful and monogamous.

I'm sorry your best friend has been away so long. I kinda feel the same, since I lost my best friend. Plus, I work overnight, so the possibility of me replacing that person is almost nil. I don't do the facebook or myspace thing either, because it's a little too much of me on display, you know what I mean?

I'm done with school, and I'm tired of all that drama. I agree with you about all the stupid religious jesus freaks. I'm an agnostic, because I think believing in something blindly without reason should be reserved for crazy people.

I'm sorry about calling you a retard, too. You're obviously an intelligent girl, since you can spell and make sentences without abbreviating every other word. I appreciate that. I think it's really cool that you own your own company. That takes a lot of determination, responsibility, and plain old balls. I work from home as well, which is amazing (especially since gas prices are so jacked!)Working from home is like I got a $5000 raise!

I really don't like to blog, because I feel it's too indirect. I guess I should have private messaged you in the first place.

Truth is, I think you'd be a cool person to hang out with, and I guess I'm just a little rough with people I want to be friends with. Kinda like back in grade school when the boys would pick on girls they thought were cute.

Well, it's cool if you read this, but you probably won't. Oh well, just want you to know I'm a good person and I hope there's no hard feelings.


Uploaded 12/11/2009
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