Tyaeda's thoughts on Appearances and Financial Status

I logged in today to find this retarded, misguided message in my inbox.




November 30, 2010 05:18 am


Ummmm... are you sure you know what you're tlaking


I'm pretty sure you don't know what teeth implants are. They're not denture or a fixed bridge. They are titan replacements that are permanent. They can't fall out, since they're attached to your bones. And you probably think that by "expensive" I meant "braces expensive". No, compared to teeth implants, braces are a solution for the poor. I'll use a different word: their cost is fucking exorbitant.

Neko/Mizuka (whoever the fuck you are - it doesn't actually matter) - I think it's you who doesn't understand.  It's not your fault. You've been brain washed by the media. 

Yes, I know what teeth implants are.  But that's really not the point.  This is what you're missing.  I don't know if you're nit picking because you can't find anything else to correct me on... but that's also not your fault.   I'll explain.

Some people are not as fortunate as others in different aspects.   Some people are not very intelligent and need to rely on looking good and acting important to get anywhere in life.   Some find this to be effective when it comes to success.  SOME girls are able to find rich people who are equally shallow, and are willing to use their money as a reason someone should like them.  It's not all bad.  The girl get's her sugar daddy, the guy get's his arm candy.  Each party gets what they want.  Some of these couples even pass the test of time and have families and grow old together (you should still get a prenuptial agreement signed guys).  Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed is a good example.   Gene - the most famous member of the famous band Kiss, met Shannon a former Playboy bunny at probably some big rock star party.  They have been together for 20 odd years, and have two children (one boy, one girl), some dogs, cars, a big house, and everything anyone could really hope for.

  Unfortunately, this doesn't happen as much as MTV would like you to think.  It's a matter of statistics.  There are far more fake blondes than there are rich men willing to date/marry high maintenance, shallow, self absorbed cunts. Hell, there's even more extremely successful models out there than there are internationally famous rock stars... or even rich guys for that matter.  There is also a time restriction factor.   If we're lucky, we will all get older.  Despite what you do, (unless you're Cher), you cannot fully prevent yourself from losing that youthful look you have now.  Eventually, you'll have to bring more to the table than just sexual appeal.  I have noticed a trend... most models do not stay in the business past their 30th birthday, and to stay successful they must have something else in place as an insurance like policy.   This is an obstacle in every model or female celebrities career.... that is, if you get a career in time.

 I will admit, I was once an attention whore.  I would dress provocatively, and put much time into my hair and make-up in order to appeal to men.  And it worked.  I was getting all of the male attention I could ask for... even a little too much if you ask me.   But, I soon realized that the attention I was getting, was misguided.  I realized that men only liked me for my looks.  They didn't care where I got my shoes, how much they cost, or who designed them... they only cared that the heals made my butt look firmer.  They didn't care about my hopes for the future, or the stories of my child hood.   Everything about it was fake.... including the orgasms. 
Eventually I covered up more, drank less, and got to know and filtered the people I associated with.   I had to change my whole life style.  It was the best thing I ever did. 

 Now that I'm out, I can see how insane caring about appearances and financial status was.  I know that looks and money do not prevent divorces.  Shopping does not give me a more likable personality.  The best looking teachers were not going to teach me the most.    In fact... when I ran into these kind of people, I saw what they lacked right away.  I saw WAY too much over compensation.  It was like seeing a really skinny, short guy act tough.  I found that these people were not capable of having a decent conversation about anything other than material things. All they did was whine and complain about the petty injustices they felt victimized by.  They are just people manufactured by the media.  It's a loss sense of direction and purpose.

 I see these people and I wonder what it will be like for them when they grow older.  I see a middle aged women who's husband left her for a 20 year old skank.  I see that same lady sitting in the house she won in the divorce, alone, with all the stuff and animals she hoards as an attempt to fill that deep void.  She doesn't know how to get back into the game, because she doesn't have the looks that worked for her, and no real world skills to rely on.  I see her giving her pension away to her spoiled adult children who flunked out of college, but not before spending their college funds.  

 Neko, what I'm trying to say is... when you're older, and hopefully you will last that long, your teeth implants will not matter.  The drink you have in your hand, you will not be able to drink because it will irritate your acid reflux.   Maybe if you're lucky, some man will support you long enough so you can have spoiled, misguided children, and maybe you'll be able to realize how wrong it is to be that way, by watching them milk you for everything you didn't work for.
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