Useless Super Hero Powers

Me and my friend nick were really bored today and made up a lot of random things like this.

These are the few i remember.


The ability to levitate dead birds


Power to self-destroy


Turn Quarters into 3 pennies


Ability to walk halfway through a brick wall


The ability to shapeshift, but you can only turn into an igloo and a hot dog


The ability to see one and a half seconds into the future


The ability to fly for half a second at a time


X-ray vision that sees completely through everything, so you can see basically nothing


Being able to predict coin tosses correctly 45% of the time


The ability to fly, but only indoors.


Ability to detect losing lottery numbers from past lotteries.


The ability to talk to restroom appliances (hi Mr. toothbrush!)


The power to see through walls, but only ones made out of glass


Ability to run very slowly


See like things like the kid in 6th sense but only murdered chickens and cockroaches


The ability to make fat people strip and eat chicken


The ability to make strippers get dressed


The ability to talk incredibly fast for long periods of time


Heat vision that can't be turned off


The ability to become halfway invisible


Ability to count the number of Pringles chips in a stack by just one quick look.


The ability to morph into a lava lamp


Having all your fingers opposable, not just the thumb


Super hearing that only works at rock concerts


Power to see in to the past, and only in to the past.

Uploaded 08/02/2008
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