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Real Nudes


When I beat off I like to beat off to pictures of chicks who look real. I hate porn that shows some fake-boobed prefect chick with an expensive hairdo. Give me the amature, gir-nex-door shit ANYDAY!!!

I don't mind a fat roll or blemish. It makes the girl look attainable, thus, more exciting.

Airbrushed or Photoshopped pics are a dime a dozen but when I see a photo of a natural looking lady it makes my member sit up and take notice. Amature porn is great!

Playboy Mag sux for masturbatory content! The pix-o-chix in there are more manipulated than the books of Enron. If I want to whack off to a painting I will squeeze one off to the Mona Lisa, thank you.

Give me real pron any day. The biggest turn on is chicks who text naked photos of themselves. Thank you, sluts!

CamoToe Uploaded 10/18/2008
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