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The point of playing sports.


The Point of Playing Sports

   The point of playing sports is so you stay in shape, learn how to have good sportsmanship, and just have a happier life! When you do stuff to make your self happy you live longer. So if you think hockey is fun to play but you are really bad at it and you can't make any teams you should play "in house" hockey. The same applies for every other sport. If you suck at a sport DO NOT give up because if you keep trying you will get better maybe not a whole lot but getting better will open up so many doors! Ecspesially if you want to go pro! if you want to be a pro basketball player as  a kid and your terrible you should work hard to achive your goal. Hope I helped!



If you want me to blog about any other questions you have please ask i will do my best to explain or tell about!








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