A Message From AW Smith

So last night I took Juju to the late show of Body Of Lies with Leo and Crowe.  SO we were the only people in the theater.  It got really boring fast, so Juju and I started to mess around. 

Well halfway thru the movie we were both buck ass naked, going at it like inmates.  Then suddenly (I guess suddenly) the lights came on and the cleaning crew was down at the bottom of the theater (stadium seating) and looked up at us.  We got dressed, walked down past them, and continued what we started in my car in the parking lot.

The manager came and interupted us right when I was about to blow my load like a volcano, and told us we had to leave.  I started cussing him out, and then farted.  My medication for my problem still hasnt kicked in.  I pealed out and drove home, the whole time naked and pleasuring Juju with my free hand. 

I hate Leonardo Dicrapio anyways.  Fuck the movies, I am going back to buying pirated DVD's

Uploaded 11/03/2008
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