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How do you LOSE eRep points?


I'm not active enough on here to ever reap the benefits of the awesome items in the eRep catalog and I usually don't even pay attention to my points.  But... the other day I noticed I was about to break 4,000 so I looked in the catalong and noticed that in only 4 more years I should qualify for the swag pack - I think it includes an old trucker cap and a pair of eBaum's dirty drawers... aweome.

And then today I notice I'm back down to 3,950.  I didn't even know I could lose eRep points!?!?  Damn, these things are hard enough to get without losing the ones I do have - how does that happen?  Thumbs down on my comments?  Is Obama now distributing eRep points???  Somebody help me out here.

<SIGH>  Oh well, I'll guess I'll just hang out and do what I do... points or not.

TimmyD2X Uploaded 11/07/2008
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