Damn people never stop to amaze me and make me laugh on here. People talk down to others on here and think that what they say will actually hurt someone's feelings, and if they do then that person just needs to throw out their computer and stay in the real world. I love the comments from assholes on here that think becuase they say shit to someone it will make them better liked by other assholes. I over half of these lil kiddies that pretend to be assholes online are just scared to stand up to people in real life that scare them so they come online to talk shit and make themselves feel better. I say if you think someone is being an ass to you pick a fight with them  regardless if you win, more people respect someone who stands up for themselves instead of just taking shit all the time. This blog goes out to Tweedledick  becuase he makes me laugh and he has such a tender ass to fuck. Well i got that out of my system and am off to bed now will check back tomorrow to smile at more dumbasses and kiddies

Uploaded 12/12/2008
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Tags: stupid


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