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So as i comment on media and photos and what not. ALOT of you and i mean ALOTTTT tend to think half of the things posted are "fake". Now these days yes its hard not to think that with photo shop and all this other technology.....but c'mon people what ever happened to just enjoying what you see rather than say..."OH THATS FAKE, THIS IS STUPID, I JUST WASTED MY TIME WATCHING THIS." Well if this is what you truely think, then why the FUCK are you subscribed to this site and take your time outta your non-busy life to comment on these submissions. You obvioulsy have no life no friends. I just dont understand half the users on here are retarded. Yeah i know most of the media on here is probably fake or staged but i like watching it and im not gonna post a stupid ass comment telling you all this. So in my mind i think all you EBAUM haters out there should SUCK A DOG DICK!!!!

sumchick395 Uploaded 12/14/2008
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