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So ever since barack obama got elected, all i hear from black people is "we" won- "we're" in the whitehouse. a victory for every random black person in america. theres so many things wrong with that. first of all...almost every black voter voted for barack obama just for the color of his skin. anyone who cant acknowlege this is a fucking idiot. (we all saw the howard stern video right?) and of course when white ppl voted for mccain...its cuz we cant stand to see a black man with power. a better point is wasnt just the black vote that got obama elected. it took a fucking majority. dont get me wrong- i was for obama. im from illinois for fucks sake. when he was elected, i thought it would put to rest alot of the black vs. white bullshitt. now its one more thing to try to throw in everybodys face.

sublime5 Uploaded 12/22/2008
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