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whats the point in christmas presents? annually my family all ask me what i want, and even though i answer bluntly yet politly with "nothing" they still insist on buyin me something ill probably give away next year, put on a shelf and not use, or throw out the next day. not 2 mention wrapping it all in immense amounts of xmas paper, that seems 2 have come from a forest of tree's. i promise if u dnt buy me anything i wont b upset, i wont feel left out, in fact id b relieved tha uve listened 2 me. so 4 all the ppl out there who insist on ploughing ppl with unwanted gifts, if they dnt want it dnt buy it. itl save u money, and keep ur friend/loved one/pet/family/whoever it is, in a good mood!!!!!

scragz Uploaded 12/23/2008
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