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Church... Chreasters... Pissed...


I hate going to church on christmas eve... There are so many freaking chreasters there.  (Chreasters are people who only go to church on christmas and easter.)  Why do they even bother going?  They are extremely disrespectful and have no control over their kids.  Their mindset must be that if going to church twice a year qualifies them for heaven, then they will do it.

The family in front of me tonight was really horrible and disrespectful.  They stood up on average a minute after everyone else did, they didn't kneel down so I kneeled into the back of someone's head (I considered spitting on his bald spot, but hey... I was in church) , their children just screamed and played the whole time, and they never whispered while talking to each other. My christmas present to them: Me just ignoring them so no conflict arose.  I can get pretty bad in these situations when people piss me off.

Merry christmas one and all.

McBagels Uploaded 12/24/2008
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