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Chicken Noodle Soup For My Balls


I love how people complain about the site and it's "poor overall content and theme" but you can't manage to get up and walk out.

It's because you can't.

You are drawn here like a hobo to magic markers and cardboard.

You try to leave but it pulls you back in the next day, only to complain about it.

It's a tragic never ending cycle. The 'darkside' of the internet.

It's the porn without the porn. (I was thinking AW when I typed that)

The thing that really brings me here is the community alot of people don't know is here.

Everyone has their own personality and you can always find people in the same general area they are always at.

I really can't complain about the features, exept for the movie preview bullshit.

So Here's my question

Why do you come back here day after day?

Eastside_Dave Uploaded 01/10/2009
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