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"Duplicate Media"


Has this happened to you?  You upload a video, or pic or whatever.......5 minutes later, you get a message saying your upload was deleted because it was "duplicate media"  I for one, am sick of this! 

You try to complain about this to certain mods and all they say is "well, you should have searched for it here to see if we had it"  well, ya know what, so should Ebaum!  Ive seen countless people get cheated of features cause Ebaum was too lazy to do search and just assumes that his upload is the only one here

And something else I'm wondering.......isnt virtually EVERY piece of media on here in a way duplicate media?  I mean, most of the videos are from youtube, a lot of the pics are from collegehumur, kontraband, or wherever.


so what I'm trying to say here is this:  MrEbaum, if you don't want duplicate media on your site, that's fine, but PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREECH!

Starkweather Uploaded 01/22/2009
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