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All right HunterDad, this is two, so you better get crackin'.

I decided to go the easy route first and post my list of my favorite blogs that I wrote.  I was actually surprised to realize that I have now written over 30, and I had more to choose from than I realized.

I thought these were good.  If you didn't, well, then, go read Eshel's.  Oops, you can't!


10. Going Down, The Old Fashioned Way.  One of my newer blogs, but sure to be a classic, in which I chronicle the tale of a senior citizen coitus interruptus.

9. Parent Fail - The Public Flogging of Dr. Spock.  I am embarrassed to say that it took me three days to figure out sum1udontno's Star Trek reference.

8. I Am Quitting Drugs, Parts I & II.  An only slightly misleading title about my struggle to kick the habit.  Well, a habit. and

7. The Woman's Toilet - Fact or Fiction?  Really, how often do you read the phrase "tampon caddy" in a blog?

6. Adventures In Smoking.  How does a 32 year old start smoking?  Find out here, in my very first blog.  (Three more were to follow - if only I'd known what I was getting into!) 

5. 37!  My Girlfriend Sucked 37 Dicks!  This would have been higher just for the title, but it's not exactly related to "Clerks".  Sort of, though.

4. Typical Fucking Colts.  After the Fucking Colts lost in the fucking first round of the playoffs yet a-fucking-gain, I had to vent.

3. Reply Awfuljackass and Nazis Let's Go One Better.  This awkwardly titled gem gave me license to place my dark side in public view.

2. The Tale of the Female Turkey Penis.  I think I had gotten this on in a more timely manner it would have been good feature material.

1. Pooping In Private, Every Man's Dream.  Quite possibly my biggest pet peeve, the inability of the married man to poop in peace.

And with an honorable mention, the slightly antagonistically titled "Fuck the Snow, Fuck the Snow, Fuck the Snow"  Timely, in that we are supposed to get 3-4 more inches tomorrow.

Have fun!  Let me know what you think.

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