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Okay, if you've seen the stuff I've been submitting lately, you may have noticed a theme.  Yeah, there's the odd joke or funny vid, but mostly I'm on a hot chick pic thing.  Hey, whaty can I say - I like looking at chicks wearing not much.  If I'm travelling with my laptop and I leave it on when I'm stuck in some lame hoyel on the other side of the planet, then I might as well have something better to look at than flying windows or badly animated cartoon fish.  So, I'm trying to collect as many non-porno pics of chicks to use as screensavers as I can.  Every time I get enough to put into a gallery, I'll submit 'em.

I've found a few sites where there are heaps of cool pics, but most of the (Stileproject for example) have a lot of porn and just plain wierd stuff to wade through, or they cover up the images with stupid logos which really annoys me.

The Maxim and FHM sites aren't bad and the sites pretty cool too.  My search has just begun, so I'm sure I'll find a lot more along the way.





Uploaded 01/30/2009
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