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eBaumsWorld.......Is it the End..?


I've had a lot of people lately......Messaging me about the instability of eBaumsWorld and asking if the " New Site " ....[] is the way to go from hereon..... I couldn't possibly answer all your "pm's" individually so I was hoping you could maybe read this blog about the situation...... eBaumsWorld has been a great site......even from the early days.....I know that.. I've been here a lot longer than most.....maybe a lot longer than is possibly When I say "Great" I mean in the sense eBaum was never afraid to post stuff which other sites such as:" YouTube, Metacafe,Break " name a few would even consider....WTF..... The " Internet " is ....I'm sorry.... I will re-phrase that....." WAS " as in:" WAS meant to be "...... a way to portray information.....Information that the masses would never get to see... For reasons such as: Politcal Corectness etc..... eBaum stood strong and never gave in..... He was taken to court and it cost him thousands and thousands but he still gave you all his view of the world..... I personally hate the He stole a great deal of my stuff off me and my friends......and tried to pass it as his own..... Fortunately, the real players resided in a higher part of eBaumsWorld.... a part where we all could see who and when submitted the most important

Anyway..... I'm digressing.... Sorry, I just got caught up in that EBW

So...... I'm all for a " REVOLUTION "


Yes.. The answer to everyone who asked if the new site is the way to go... That is my honest answer.... For reasons other than the fact, that what ZVUE did and the way in which they did it was totally unacceptable and in no small way memorable of " Communist Russia ".. I have to say "Yes"....


The site is not up and running at the moment, but I have it on good authority that it will be functional very soon.... Please bear with it for a while and I surely hope to see you there.....


I have a plan to bring ZVUE to it's knees as far as eBaumsWorld is concerned and anyone who would like to play a part in this can contact me at the following.....


Freedom of thought is always worth getting banned

If this blog is deleted ONCE..... I will personally make sure that it is RE-POSTED at least 1000 times.....Love GLD.............


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