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Master Cleanse Continued


So I only have two more days before I get of my Master Cleanse!!

I have been on it for a few weeks now and I am ready to move on. Last nite I kept dreaming about food esp fish sandwiches. Damn I want one sooo bad. Ive had some people emailing me asking what will be my first meal when I can finally eat solids. Thats pre fish cause everyone knows if I just inhale a fish sandwich on friday I will probably go straight to the hospital. LOL

I think my first " meal" will be a great greek salad. YUMMMMMI'm feeling especially tired today this thing is starting to wear me down.

Ive been doing pilates while on the diet , not my usuall hour a day but about 20 min. My doctor banned me from any hard activities because there is the chance of passing out. Yet for some reason I couldnt stop doing my beloved pilates.

Well just two more days korky.

Just two more days. Hang in there girl.


jfkkorky Uploaded 02/11/2009
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