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Yes, More About That Viruse We're All Catching Because Someone D


"The European Commission has been calling it "novel flu", replacing the word "swine" to avoid prompting a fall in demand for pork and bacon."  -

"The European Commission said Wednesday it would call the deadly swine flu the "novel flu virus" to minimise damage to the farm industry."  -


Is it just me or have I just witnessed how stupid the governernment can be first hand (I am not saying that they're always stupid). Everybody already knows it as "swine flu", whatever damage may have been done by calling it swine flu is already been done. Do they really think just because they decide to call it something different we don't already know where it came from (even though pork is safe if you're not a dumbass that decides to eat it raw), I bet after this they'll say "We certainley did our bit to help the farming industry, well done boys clap on the back".

Yay zombie piggies taking over the world!

mrturtle Uploaded 04/30/2009
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