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It's in my mouth


I was riding my bitch mobile down the bike trail about 2 hours ago with a couple buddies of mine. We just got done with a case of beer so we were buzzin' and feelin' alright. We hopped back on the trail from a little cut off in the woods, when we came up to two baby skunks.


Of course we are slightly intoxicated so we have to stop and fuck with these skunks.


One of my buddies hops off his bike and runs in front of them, I hop off and run up behind them and they take off running right into my buddy, they get freaked out and point there asses at the now charging me and spray their funky love spray, right into my mouth.


I start gagging for oxygen and start vomiting uncontrollably all over the place, a good 15 pukes.


So other than that, great night.




I am Eastside and I have been love sprayed.

Eastside_Dave Uploaded 06/22/2009
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