Creepy guy in thai

Last March i took a trip to Thailand i did some cool stuff there but i have a short creepy story to tell you. I was out at about around 10 in bangkok with some friends. We where on a street filled with concesion stand with people trying so hard to sell things to you. Any ways we are standingon the curb waiting for the cars to stop so we could cross. Im standing there stairing across the street when a creepy durty thai guy pokes my arm in a very specific spot. It was on the oposite side of my elbow but he poked it in a way that created almost a shoking sensation throughout my body (almost like hitting your funny bone except not painful) I look over and the guy is just standing there stairing forward as if nothing had happened. I didnt say anything because i wasnt even sure if he spoke english. It was such a wierd situation and it just freaked me out for a while. That is all...

Uploaded 06/25/2009
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Tags: flying monkeys


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