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Shrod to fuck


so the other day i was curlin 250 with one arm watching tv until i finally decided to go outside . when i went outside i tripped on a rock cause im a clumsy fuck .. i got mad as shitt so decided to punch the first thing i seen .. happened to be a toddler prostitute .. anyways some girl seen me do it and got wet as shit from it and got completely naked .. then we fucked .. then i nutted in her so i killed her cause i aint trying to be a dad or anything .. finally i went into my lambo and did a burnout like a bad ass smokin a cuban cigar .. all the girls took there bras of when i passed them in my lambo ...



=[ sure do miss the guy who blogged like this

begginer bloggers wont know who that guy is though

to bad...

davee420 Uploaded 08/19/2009
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